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feedparser::_FeedParserMixin Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for feedparser::_FeedParserMixin:
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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def decodeEntities
def handle_charref
def handle_comment
def handle_data
def handle_decl
def handle_entityref
def handle_pi
def mapContentType
def parse_declaration
def pop
def popContent
def push
def pushContent
def resolveURI
def trackNamespace
def unknown_endtag
def unknown_starttag

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

list can_be_relative_uri = ['link', 'id', 'wfw_comment', 'wfw_commentrss', 'docs', 'url', 'href', 'comments', 'license', 'icon', 'logo']
list can_contain_dangerous_markup = ['content', 'title', 'summary', 'info', 'tagline', 'subtitle', 'copyright', 'rights', 'description']
list can_contain_relative_uris = ['content', 'title', 'summary', 'info', 'tagline', 'subtitle', 'copyright', 'rights', 'description']
list html_types = ['text/html', 'application/xhtml+xml']
dictionary namespaces

Private Member Functions

def _addTag
def _cdf_common
def _end_author
def _end_category
def _end_channel
def _end_content
def _end_contributor
def _end_created
def _end_creativecommons_license
def _end_dc_contributor
def _end_dc_language
def _end_dc_publisher
def _end_description
def _end_email
def _end_expirationdate
def _end_generator
def _end_guid
def _end_height
def _end_image
def _end_info
def _end_item
def _end_itunes_block
def _end_itunes_explicit
def _end_itunes_keywords
def _end_itunes_owner
def _end_link
def _end_name
def _end_published
def _end_rights
def _end_source
def _end_subtitle
def _end_summary
def _end_textinput
def _end_title
def _end_updated
def _end_url
def _end_width
def _getAttribute
def _getContext
def _isBase64
def _itsAnHrefDamnIt
def _mapToStandardPrefix
def _save
def _save_author
def _save_contributor
def _start_abstract
def _start_admin_errorreportsto
def _start_admin_generatoragent
def _start_author
def _start_body
def _start_category
def _start_cc_license
def _start_channel
def _start_cloud
def _start_content
def _start_content_encoded
def _start_contributor
def _start_created
def _start_creativecommons_license
def _start_dc_contributor
def _start_dc_language
def _start_dc_publisher
def _start_description
def _start_dlhottitles
def _start_email
def _start_enclosure
def _start_expirationdate
def _start_feed
def _start_generator
def _start_guid
def _start_height
def _start_image
def _start_info
def _start_item
def _start_itunes_category
def _start_itunes_image
def _start_itunes_owner
def _start_link
def _start_name
def _start_prodlink
def _start_published
def _start_rights
def _start_rss
def _start_source
def _start_subtitle
def _start_summary
def _start_textinput
def _start_title
def _start_updated
def _start_url
def _start_width
def _sync_author_detail

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

 _end_abstract = _end_description
 _end_body = _end_content
 _end_content_encoded = _end_content
 _end_copyright = _end_rights
 _end_dc_author = _end_author
 _end_dc_creator = _end_author
 _end_dc_date = _end_updated
 _end_dc_rights = _end_rights
 _end_dc_subject = _end_category
 _end_dc_title = _end_title
 _end_dcterms_created = _end_created
 _end_dcterms_issued = _end_published
 _end_dcterms_modified = _end_updated
 _end_entry = _end_item
 _end_feed = _end_channel
 _end_feedburner_browserfriendly = _end_info
 _end_fullitem = _end_content
 _end_homepage = _end_url
 _end_issued = _end_published
 _end_itunes_author = _end_author
 _end_itunes_category = _end_category
 _end_itunes_email = _end_email
 _end_itunes_name = _end_name
 _end_itunes_subtitle = _end_subtitle
 _end_itunes_summary = _end_summary
 _end_keywords = _end_category
 _end_language = _end_dc_language
 _end_managingeditor = _end_author
 _end_media_title = _end_title
 _end_modified = _end_updated
 _end_prodlink = _end_content
 _end_producturl = _end_link
 _end_pubdate = _end_updated
 _end_tagline = _end_subtitle
 _end_textInput = _end_textinput
 _end_uri = _end_url
 _end_webmaster = _end_dc_publisher
 _end_xhtml_body = _end_content
dictionary _matchnamespaces = {}
 _start_copyright = _start_rights
 _start_dc_author = _start_author
 _start_dc_creator = _start_author
 _start_dc_date = _start_updated
 _start_dc_rights = _start_rights
 _start_dc_subject = _start_category
 _start_dc_title = _start_title
 _start_dcterms_created = _start_created
 _start_dcterms_issued = _start_published
 _start_dcterms_modified = _start_updated
 _start_entry = _start_item
 _start_feedburner_browserfriendly = _start_info
 _start_feedinfo = _start_channel
 _start_fullitem = _start_content_encoded
 _start_homepage = _start_url
 _start_issued = _start_published
 _start_itunes_author = _start_author
 _start_itunes_email = _start_email
 _start_itunes_link = _start_itunes_image
 _start_itunes_name = _start_name
 _start_itunes_subtitle = _start_subtitle
 _start_itunes_summary = _start_summary
 _start_keywords = _start_category
 _start_language = _start_dc_language
 _start_managingeditor = _start_author
 _start_media_title = _start_title
 _start_modified = _start_updated
 _start_product = _start_item
 _start_producturl = _start_link
 _start_pubdate = _start_updated
 _start_tagline = _start_subtitle
 _start_textInput = _start_textinput
 _start_uri = _start_url
 _start_webmaster = _start_dc_publisher
 _start_xhtml_body = _start_body

Detailed Description

Definition at line 288 of file feedparser.py.

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